The bilingual bicultural teacher preparation program does not view deafness as a disability to be treated but rather a cultural and linguistic difference. Therefore, students are prepared to be teachers, not clinicians. For this reason, the undergraduate program in Deaf Education is a composite major, not in "communicative disorders" but rather in teacher education, i.e. Elementary Education and Deaf Education. For the teacher, deafness is not a disorder to be treated. Teachers must have the knowledge and skills necessary to teach literacy and all academic subjects. The language of instruction emphasized in this program is American Sign Language. Deaf children receiving a quality education learn the same academic content in each grade that hearing children learn, and students preparing to teach deaf children must be prepared to teach all school subjects and have the same expectations of deaf children as they do of hearing children. For this reason, students majoring in Deaf Education/ Elementary Education take courses in both the Elementary Education program and the Deaf Education program. NOTE: Students wishing to obtain teacher certification in Elementary Education and Deaf Education must complete the undergraduate requirements for the composite major and complete a two-semester graduate program during which student teaching requirements are fulfilled. There is no certification available at the bachelor's degree level.

GPA Requirements

  • A minimum 3.0 GPA is required by COMDDE for admission into the 1st bachelor's program at the beginning of the junior year (approximately 60 credits).


  • 3.0 GPA is required by COMDDE for admission.


Advisor: Michelle Wilson

Office: 151 Lilly White Building

Phone: (435) 797-9271


Applications Due:

  • Summer Semester: April 1
  • Fall Semester: April 1    (Freshmen) June 1 (Others)
  • Spring Semester: October 1


  • Teacher and Educator