Note: The SLP graduate program begins Summer Semester (June). Application

Deadline: January 15th


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Students pursuing a master's degree in speech-language pathology or audiology must have a bachelor's degree in communicative disorders or the equivalent undergraduate prerequisite courses, either from USU or another ASHA-accredited program. The Outreach Master's Degree Program in Speech-Language Pathology is available only to Utah residents.

Admission Requirements

  • GPA: 3.0 or better for last 60 credits (USU Graduate School Requirement)
  • A bachelor's degree in communicative disorders (Students already having a bachelor's degree in another area must either complete a second bachelor's degree in Communicative Disorders or take the undergraduate Communicative Disorders courses as post-bachelor's courses.)
  • GRE Scores - Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytic: (Verbal and Quantitative Score above the 40th percentile - USU Graduate School Requirement)
  • Current immunization record prior to initiation of clinic coursework. 
  • Additional factors, including: attitude, work ethic, clinical and scholarly achievements, professional leadership aptitude and personal integrity.
  • Application Deadline is January 15th.  Applications will be reviewed once a year between March 1 and March 15.  An application will not be considered complete until all required information is submitted to the School of Graduate Studies.
  • Top-ranked candidates may be invited for an interview.

Outreach/Broadcast Component

In addition to accepting campus-based SLP students, COMDDE also accepts a limited number of "outreach" graduate students** based on the same criteria as campus-based applicants. Anyone with a background in communicative disorders (bachelor’s degree or equivalent) may apply, but preference is given to highly qualified applicants working for rural and under-served Utah school districts who participate in most courses through USU's broadcast distance education program. If applicants in those areas do not apply or are not highly qualified, applicants from other locations within Utah will be considered. Students must apply by the January 15th deadline to be considered for an "outreach" position.

**The “outreach” portion of the graduate program is supported by the Utah State Office of Education (USOE). The availability of State Office of Education funding, through federal flow through money, will not be known until approximately April. If State Office of Education funding is not available, or is significantly reduced, there will be no outreach broadcast program and the newly accepted outreach students would be offered an on-campus space in the graduate program instead. Highly-qualified students working for rural and under-served areas of Utah will have top priority for admission.

Apply Now

All applications are processed through the School of Graduate Studies at Utah State University before they are passed on to us; therefore, it is through them that you must apply. To apply go to

Applications will be considered once a year and students will be notified of acceptance in mid-March.  Applications must be complete by January 15th to be considered.  Late applications will not be considered.  All applications are processed through the School of Graduate Studies at Utah State University before they are passed on to us; therefore, it is through them that you must apply.  Allow 3 weeks for the School of Graduate Studies to process your application. Please plan ahead so that all application components will be received by the graduate school and by COMDDE by the deadline. 

Note:  In the application process, when you select the "Planned Course of Study" and have to choose your "First Choice of Study"  select "Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education – MA"

If you are applying for the Outreach Masters of SLP, select MA.