What are the prerequisites for the program?
Students applying for a Master's of Education degree (MEd) in Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing must have a teaching certificate in elementary education, secondary education, early childhood education, or special education, and demonstrate competency in American Sign Language.

Does your program accept students with undergraduate degrees in a field other than deaf education?
Yes, we accept students from other disciplines; however, additional coursework may be required.

What is the minimum GPA for admittance into the program?

What are the minimum requirements for the GRE for admittance into the program?
Verbal and Quantitative Score in the 40th percentile or MAT score of 42.

Will the admissions committee still review my application if I have a good GPA but did not do well on the GRE?
Yes, the committee looks at a number of qualifications including GPA, GRE/MAT scores, letters of recommendation, and personal attributes.

When is the application deadline?
The application deadline is April 1st.  (Late applications will be considered through July)

What should I include in my personal statement?
Statements should reflect your educational and professional interests and qualifications. Detailed information about prior professional experience, research experience, teaching experience, related service, other degrees, etc. will help those evaluating your application to have a more detailed and accurate perception of your qualifications.

How can I apply for departmental awards and scholarships?
Scholarships and assistantships may be available on a competitive basis. Recipients are chosen based on academic performance, financial aid, work-related experience, and participation in community service. Instructions for applying, as well as specific guidelines and information will be provided as opportunities become available.  

What is the usual duration of study?
Program duration depends on the student's education background.  

The MEd program is designed to be a two-year program.   Students who graduate from USU with an ELED/Deaf Ed composite degree may complete the MEd in one year.  

What options are available for practicum & student teaching? 

Is there a Comprehensive Exam I must pass to be certified?
Yes, in order to earn the MEd., the student must

  1. pass an ASL proficiency  examination,
  2. complete a Master's level thesis or project OR
  3. pass a comprehensive written and oral examination.

When are students expected to enter the master's program?
Students are admitted only in the fall semester.

Can I get a master's degree on a part-time basis?
There is no part-time program.