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PhD in Disability Disciplines - Audiology

Applicants must send a current resume and a letter of interest that details their interest areas (research and clinical) and the reasons for applying to the doctoral program in Audiology at Utah State University to Karen Muñoz, Department of Communication Disorders and Deaf Education, 2620 Old Main Hill, Utah State University, Logan, UT 84321 [].

In addition, applicants must comply with all application procedures for the School of Graduate Studies at Utah State University. All application materials and minimum requirements are available through the Utah State University School of Graduate Studies Admissions website.

On the application form, please indicate that you are applying to the disability disciples doctoral program, not the audiology AuD program.

About Disability Disciplines

The doctoral program in Audiology is a specialization in the Disability Disciplines PhD Program in the Emma Eccles Jones School of Education and Human Services. The Disability Disciplines Doctoral Program offers a multidisciplinary doctoral degree that brings together faculty and students across disciplinary and departmental lines to explore interrelated aspects of disabilities. Specializations include:

  • audiology
  • speech-language pathology
  • special education
  • rehabilitation counseling
  • applied behavior analysis
  • disability studies
  • pathophysiology

All specializations balance a common core of multidisciplinary coursework and applied activities with a strong disciplinary focus. Thus, both faculty and students work within a multidisciplinary context without compromising their important disciplinary perspective, knowledge and skills.

The program is made up of a combination of coursework, a preliminary exam, internships, professional products and a dissertation. Students must pass a three-day preliminary exam that includes disciplinary knowledge, critique of a research manuscript and design of an experimental research study. In addition, students complete internships and professional products in seven areas critical for faculty in communication disorders:

  • research
  • conference presentation
  • writing for publication
  • systematic review of research literature
  • grant writing
  • college teaching
  • supervision/coaching


michelle wilsonAdvisor: Michelle Wilson

Office: 151 Lillywhite Building

Phone: (435) 797-9271