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Bilingual-Bicultural (ASL/English) M.Ed. Deaf Education

© opolja | Adobe StockThis graduate program prepares students to become classroom teachers in programs serving deaf and hard of hearing children, early childhood through grade 12.  The program focuses on a “difference” rather than “disability” model.  Methodology courses and ample practicum experiences prepare students to teach academic content through the use of American Sign Language and English.   The culminating experience and highlight of the program is the student teaching experience wherein USU student teachers are placed in the best, highest quality schools for deaf children all across the country.  Students enjoy a total immersion experience while being mentored by some of the best teachers of Deaf children in the field.   This program currently has a 100% job placement of graduates. Bilingual/bicultural programs throughout the nation seek graduates of the Utah State University bilingual/bicultural Deaf Education Teacher Training program for employment in their schools. The program is a two-year, 4-semester program..  Students who complete the program are eligible for teacher licensure in Deaf Education K-12 and national certification by the Council on Education of the Deaf. Students who complete the USU composite bachelors degree in Elementary Education/Deaf Education complete the M.Ed. requirements in one year.

Composite Degree in Elementary Education and Deaf Education

This program allows students to complete all requirements for a Bachelors degree.  Upon completion of the requirements for the composite Bachelor degree, students complete one additional year of graduate coursework and student teaching to earn a Masters of Education degree in Deaf Education.  Students in this program are then eligible for teacher licensure in Elementary Education 1-6 and in Deaf Education K-12 as well as national certification by the Council on Education of the Deaf.  Students gain valuable practicum and coursework experience elementary education pedagogy, curriculum, and methods of teaching school subjects in Elementary Edcuation, grades 1-6. Program Requirements


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