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Deaf Education Faculty

Carolyn BallCarolyn Ball

USU-SLC Campus
Clinical Assistant Professor

Phone: 801-819-22197

Carolyn Ball, Ph.D. is a Clinical Assistant Professor for the Deaf Education American Sign Language Interpreting Track. She is nationally and state certified as a sign language interpreter. Prior to joining USU, she worked in a variety of college, university and corporate Interpreter Education settings. Dr. Ball has numerous publications and has a passion for serving on state and national organizations related to interpreting and interpreter education.

Brian BurnsBrian Burns


Phone: 435-213-4316

Felicia DixonFelicia Dixon

Clinical Instructor/Deaf Ed Student Teacher Supervisor

Phone: 435-764-2641
Office Location: Lillywhite 40

Jan Kelley-KingJan Kelley-King

Clinical Instructor

Phone: 435-797-1385
Office Location: Lillywhite 40

Jan Kelley-King is an instructor in the Deaf Education Teacher training program.  She teaches methods courses in language and literacy development as well as American Sign Language courses.   Jan has had experience teaching deaf children in a residential school for the Deaf, in a self-contained classroom in a hearing school, and in a hearing high school where she was an educational interpreter / teacher.  Jan has also been a parent advisor in an early intervention program serving families of young deaf children and babies.   Her passion is working with families of deaf children and strategies for teaching reading and writing to deaf learners.

Freeman KingFreeman King


Phone: 435-797-1343
Office Location: Lillywhite 106

Freeman King, Ed.D. Is a professor in Deaf Education.  He is the former director of Deaf Education at Utah State University, the University of Southern Mississippi, and Lamar University. He has written numerous articles and books related to Deaf Education and has been involved in teacher preparation in the Peoples’ Republic of China, Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, and Ghana.

Renee LuceroRenee Polanco Lucero

Assistant Professor

Phone: 435-797-4464
Office Location: Early Childhood Education & Research Center 154

Renee Polanco Lucero, PhD., LSLS Cert. AVEd, is an Assistant Professor in the LSL Deaf Education Graduate Program. She completed her teacher training program at the John Tracy Clinic, and received her Joint Doctorate degree in Special Education from California State University, Los Angeles and University of California, Los Angeles. Prior to beginning her academic career at Utah State University, she held a variety of positions in public and private school settings: preschool/kindergarten teacher, early intervention, itinerant teaching, and listening and spoken language interventionist.  Dr. Lucero’s area of research interests include working with culturally and linguistically diverse families and implementing listening and spoken language practices in the school setting.

Lauri NelsonLauri Nelson

Associate Professor and Deaf Education Division Chair

Office Location: Early Childhood Education & Research Center 150

Lauri Nelson, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor and Division Chair for the Deaf Education Graduate Training program. She is certified as both a pediatric clinical audiologist as well as a licensed deaf educator, with a PhD in Special Education.  Prior to joining USU, she worked in a variety of medical and educational settings and has provided deaf education and audiology training in Vietnam, Kenya, and Saipan. Dr. Nelson has numerous publications, grants, and scholarly products related to LSL deaf education.

Liz ParkerLiz Parker

Clinical Instructor/Practicum supervisor

Phone: 801-949-3406

Liz Parker, M.Ed., is a Clinical Instructor and Practicum Supervisor in the LSL deaf education program.  Liz has experience in providing LSL services to children in both ASL/English and LSL classrooms. She served as a Division Director at the Utah Schools for the Deaf and Blind and has mentored countless students in their graduate training program. Since 2000, Liz has taken numerous groups of young people and professionals to do volunteer work at Ngala School for the Deaf in Nakuru, Kenya.  She founded a non-profit organization to support the children and teachers at the school.

Curt RadfordCurt Radford


Office Location: Lillywhite 038

Curt L Radford, Ed.D. is a faculty member in the Deaf Education Teacher Training program. His primary responsibility, other than teaching, has been the development of the online American Sign Language (ASL) program and coordinating the ASL Laboratory.  Prior to teaching at USU he was the principal of Sequoia School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Mesa, Arizona.  He aided in the development of and oversaw a parent organization called East Valley Families with Deaf children in Mesa, Arizona, providing resources such as ASL classes, workshops, and support groups for parents of deaf children.