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COMDDE 1st Bachelor's Degree Online

This degree fills the nation’s growing need for language, speech and hearing professionals. We offer a wide array of courses, covering topics like: the basic structure and function of the human ear, hearing loss treatments, and the factors affecting language acquisition.

The COMDDE bachelor’s is offered completely online. This is the most flexible solution if you are balancing work schedules, family time, and more. USU has been offering its online delivery for over 10 years, perfecting the online, higher-educational experience. Take it from those who have been through the program; out of a survey of nearly 700 students, 95.8% said they would recommend our online COMDDE program to others. Many have gone on to graduate school, gaining a strong foundation through this bachelor’s program.


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Heather Humphreys Name: Heather Humphreys
Phone: 435-797-2469
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Course Sequence

Before registering please consult with your academic advisor to make sure you are registering for classes in the correct sequence.

COMD 2400  Observation and Orientation 1  
COMD 2500 Language, Speech, and Hearing Development 3  
COMD 2600 Introduction to Communicative Disorders 2  
COMD 3100 Fundamentals of Anatomy for Speech and Language 3  
COMD 3500 Phonetics/Developmental Phonology 3  
COMD 5100 Language Science 3  
COMD 3120 Disorders of Articulation and Phonology 3  
COMD 3400 Acoustics and Anatomy of the Ear 3 COMD 2500
COMD 5070 Speech Science 3 COMD 3100, COMD 3400, COMD 3500
COMD 3700 Basic Audiology 3 COMD 3400
COMD 4450 Assessment and Treatment of Children with Communicative Disorders 3  
COMD 5200 Language Assessment and Intervention for Preschool Children 3 COMD 2500, COMD 5100
COMD 5330 Aural Rehabilitation 3 COMD 3100, COMD 3400
  • It is recommended that COMD courses are taken in the order listed below.
  • Degree-seeking students are required to take all 13 COMD courses in the sequence listed.
  • Students will not be able to take prerequisites concurrently with courses that require them.
  • All courses are taught online every semester.
  • All required COMD courses and Human Anatomy/Human Physiology courses must be taken for a letter grade and must not be taken pass/fail.
  • A statistics course is required for the COMDDE bachelor’s degree and is strongly recommended for all 2nd bachelor’s degree students, especially those students applying to graduate school. If it has been more than one year since you have completed the prerequisite math course, taking Statistics through USU will require completion of a math placement exam. For more information, please check with your advisor as you plan your coursework.