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Clients are seen at the USU Speech-Language-Hearing Center by appointment only. Ordinarily there is a minimal waiting period for an appointment. However, special scheduling arrangements are possible under circumstances of urgency. The Center's facilities are accessible to individuals with disabilities in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 


Most clients are referred to the USU Speech-Language-Hearing Center by parents, physicians, school personnel or other outside agencies. The Center also accepts self-referrals. The referral process is initiated by writing or calling the Center.

A report of the Center's evaluation findings and recommendations will be sent to the person or agency responsible for the referral, when requested in writing by the client or parent. Referral of the client to professionals in other areas will be made when other types of services are needed.

To make an appointment for a hearing and/or speech-language evaluation, or initiate a referral call the Center at (435) 797-1375. Pediatric audiology and cochlear implant services call 435-797-9234.